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2023/24 Topps Arsenal Forever

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In each box you will find three (3) cards that are all autographs!!! One numbered guaranteed at least from /99.

Product description

Topps presents Arsenal FC Forever 2023/24. In partnership with the historic North London club, Topps presents for the first time the 2023/24 Topps Arsenal FC Forever a range full of autographs and memorabilia patches! A product that includes an impressive range of autographs and patch autographs, numbered, in a premium set that will leave collectors fully satisfied. Discover the dynamics of a global footballing powerhouse with a host of stars and legends (Henry, Pires, Bergkamp, Tony Adams). All the aces of the men’s and women’s teams are here with a series of numbered autographs and parallels to the Arsenal Forever Men’s Autographs, Arsenal Forever Women’s Autographs, and Arsenal Forever Legends Autographs. Pay tribute to the heroes of North London with the North London Origin Autographs series and remember the legends of England’s stadiums in the N5 Pride Autographs series. The set couldn’t be complete without the Memorabilia Relics autographs with a piece of Emirates Stadium seating from last season gracing the autographs on some lucky cards at Home View Autograph Relics!

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