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What's a break?

Breaks are a great way to collect cards.

Discover the thrill of breaks—a captivating experience where every card holds the promise of treasure. Whether you’re drawn to your favorite player, team, or the mystery of a random pack, our live openings bring the excitement directly to you. Explore new products and expand your collection as each pack reveals its secrets. Join us for an unforgettable journey through the world of trading cards.

How does it work

The rules of Breaks are very simple.

We carefully prepare the boxes, giving you the freedom to select your preferred team or player. Then, we broadcast the exhilarating box openings live, where every card associated with your selection becomes yours. Opt for a random pack, and every sports or Pokémon card drawn from it is also yours to claim! Plus, rest assured that more valuable cards are safeguarded in protective sleeves, toploaders, or one-touch holders. Choose between immediate shipping or secure warehousing for future dispatch alongside other cards from Breaks. It’s all about your preferences—simply select the shipping method that suits you best and let the adventure begin!

Group Breaks

Our breaks are exclusively offered as group breaks. Just like any group break, your card haul will be determined by the teams or players you’ve previously purchased from our store. While you might score the most coveted cards, there’s also a chance you might not receive any. Please note, there’s no guarantee that the cards pulled from the box will match the team or player you’ve ordered. Any concerns regarding card condition should be directed to the manufacturer.

Before diving into one of our breaks, it’s crucial to grasp these rules and conditions. By securing a spot in our breaks, you acknowledge that you’ve familiarized yourself with these regulations and agree to abide by them. Kindly note that returns of cards from breaks will not be accepted.

We always conduct breaks live on our YOUTUBE channel.

When will the breaks take place?

Stay informed about the date and time of our breaks by visiting the Breaks section on www.bigcards.eu. While we strive to maintain the scheduled timing, unforeseen circumstances may necessitate rescheduling or delays. In such cases, a new date will be communicated to the email address provided during order placement. Rest assured, we’re committed to conducting the break promptly. However, if the break doesn’t fill up immediately, it might take longer, but we’ll work diligently to fill it before the planned date. 

When we’re live and ready to commence the break, you’ll find all participants’ names listed alongside the teams or players they’ve purchased. Our diverse selection of breaks caters to both novice collectors and advanced hobbyists, with costs varying based on the box’s total value. All high-value cards are meticulously protected with sleeves and toploaders, and exceptionally valuable ones will be housed in magnetic one-touch holders—all included in the break costs.

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