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2022-23 Chronicles Basketball Blaster Box

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  • 6 packs per box
  • 7 cards in each pack
Product description

2022-23 Chronicles Basketball returns with popular set designs from years past that include the top rookie and veteran players in the NBA today!

6 Packs per box
7 Cards per pack
Find Blaster Exclusive Parallels, Base Rookies and Stars Cards
Look for Rookie Autographs from some of the hottest young players in the NBA

Search for the new Autograph sets: Portrait Signatures, Luminence Ink Autographs, Under the Lights Autographs, and Score Premium Signatures!

Chase after rookie cards in the Hobby-Exclusive sets Base Plates & Patches, Timeless Treasures, Limited, Gala, Titanium, and Gold Standard!

Find Rookie Autographs of players such as Bennedict Mathurin, Jabari Smith Jr, Paolo Banchero, and many more from the exciting 2022 Rookie class! Search for Hobby-Exclusive Base sets including the ultra-rare Base Gala! Find the new Base sets Pinnacle, Vertex, Dynagon, and Base Score Premium! Hobby-Exclusive parallels are numbered from 249 to 1!

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