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Live Break

2024 Topps Chrome UFC 3x Mega box Break #47

Number of available SPOTs:

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Price of 1 SPOT:


Available SPOTs:

When you purchase 1x SPOT in the Break, you are buying a spot for weight divisions (1 out of 12), which will be assigned to you live during the break using a randomizer. The break will take place on our YouTube channel at the earliest possible time after all spots have been sold out. You will be notified via email about this. The break consists of 3x 2024 Topps Chrome UFC MEGA box. A card featuring two or more players from different teams will be randomly assigned to one of the spots from those specific teams live using an online randomizer!

  • 144 cards in total
  • 3 autographed guaranteed
Product description

For those in attendance, and UFC fans watching around the world – this is the moment you’ve all been waiting for!

Topps Chrome UFC is back!

Featuring a wide plethora of autographs, inserts, refractors and other wordly case hit chases!

Build the entire 200-card Base Set across a rainbow of color and tech parallels!

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