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Live Break

2023 Topps Finest Road to EURO 2024 2x Master Box Break #44

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Lowest price 30 days before discount: 5.00.

Available SPOTs:

By purchasing 1x SPOT in the Break, you are buying ONE chosen team from the entire break. All cards from the selected team will be sent to you! The break will take place on our YouTube channel at the earliest possible date after selling out all spots. You will be notified about this via email. The break consists of two (2) Master boxes of 2023 Topps Finest Road to Euro 2024. A card featuring two or more players from different teams will be randomly assigned to one of the spots from those teams live using an online randomizer!

  • 2x Master Box Break
  • In the entire break, there will be 120 cards, including a whopping 4 guaranteed autographed cards!


Product description

For the first time in history, the iconic Topps Finest brand takes on international football! Introducing Topps Finest Road to Euro 2024™, highlighting Europe’s top footballers on their road to the highly anticipated Euro 2024™ competition in Germany.

The base set features slick chrome designs with a touch of vintage Finest vibes, while the insert lineup brings the heat with classics such as Prized Footballers, and new chases with Giants of Europe, Finest Debutants and Euro Masters. As always, the Fusion Variations bring the ultimate case-hit chase. In addition, Keep an eye-out for ULTRA limited fusion autos for the first time!

Take notice of the National Debut logo across base, insert and auto cards to signal a European debutant’s first season.


Collect all 100 Base Set cards across a variety of colorful chrome parallels.

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