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Live Break

2022/23 Topps Argentina Fileteado 1x Hobby Box Break #49

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Available SPOTs:

When you purchase 1x SPOT (pack) in the Break, you are buying ONE random pack from the BOX, which will be assigned to you live during the break using a randomizer. The break will take place on our YouTube channel at the earliest possible date after all spots are sold out. You will be notified about this via email. The break consists of 1x 2023 Topps Argentina Fileteado Hobby box.

  • Each pack contains of 5 cards
  • 1 autographed card in a box guaranteed
Product description

Topps is proud to unite with the Argentinian FA for the debut release of Topps Argentina Fileteado 2023.

This hobby box boasts a 50-card base set of first teamers from international football’s current world’s best, legends that have made the white and blue stripes iconic, plus Bowman Estrella talents that have started their own journeys to greatness.

Enjoy inserts that showcase the heritage and style of Fileteado, marvel at the artistry in Champions and enjoy the uniqueness of AFA Discs.

Look out for Autograph Cards across Base Cards & Inserts, plus the ultimate Sketch Card chase; a chance to own a one-off piece of Topps and Argentinian history.

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